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NDT in Railway

Non-destructive testing of railway components is one of the key technologies for reliable and sustainable operation of high density and high quality rail services.

Constantly increasing loadings, train speeds and traffic density require adaptation of track design, rail and wheelset materials as well as new traction technologies and vehicle design using modern joining methods. Due to the higher demands there is a change in damage mechanisms and an emerge of novel defect types which have to be handled. This poses strong challenges for non-destructive testing of both the rolling stock and the track which have to be discussed.

With this seminar we will address the modern challenges in non-destructive testing in the railway sector and give an insight into new developments and applications. In addition, the interdisciplinary exchange between science and industry will enable extended networking among the participants.

With 13 specialist lectures by NDT experts, we have put together a comprehensive programme which addresses the following main topics:
- NDT on Rolling Stock
- NDT on Tracks
- New challenges NDT 4.0
- Standardisation in NDT railway sector

Language: English
Organizer: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungafreie Prüfung (DGZfP)